The Top 5 Most Brazen Airport Smuggling Attempts

We’ve all been there: that moment when you realise that souvenir you just bought might not be allowed past airport security. It’s usually something small, nothing that could get you arrested. However, there are a few very brazen travellers making their way across borders, and with them come all kinds of extra unusual (and very illegal) baggage. Here are five infamous ‘keepsakes’  that these people have tried to bring home.

  1. A cocaine stuffed chicken
    JFK Airport has seen its fair share of smugglers, but at least they are usually a little clever about it. How one woman expected to get a roast chicken through customs in the first place is beyond us, since most airports don’t allow you to take meat with you anyway. As if to add insult to injury, this particular poultry dish happened to be stuffed with cocaine. Not exactly the most traditional Thanksgiving option, is it?
  2. A husband
    Now taking your spouse on holiday isn’t smuggling, but when you try to get your recently deceased husband onto a plane home to Berlin, disguising him as a regular passenger, it is. With the help of her daughter Anke Anusic, Gitta Jarant brought her 91-year old husband’s body in a wheelchair to the John Lennon Airport in Liverpool in an attempt to smuggle him home. The women vehemently insisted that he was only sleeping and refused to co-operate. Later, authorities performed a post mortem which revealed that the man had been dead for 12 hours. Jarant and Anusic are free while awaiting trial for failure to report a death.
  3. The beach
    Honeymoons by the seaside are popular with newlyweds, as nothing says romance like glowing sunsets and long walks on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to bring back something meaningful to remember your special time together so we’re not about to judge this very, very sentimental couple. These newlyweds managed to arrive at the Delhi airport with a few really big jars of sand AND a bottle of sea water from their resort in Granada. Apparently, they wanted to have something from the beach where they took their first romantic walk together. We’re sure a sea-shell would have been fine, but each to their own.
  4. A chihuahua
    A man at the Dublin airport was found to be looking very nervous, so luggage inspectors decided to run his bag through a scan. They made out the shape of a dog and while he insisted it was a fluffy toy, his demeanour indicated otherwise. Once the bag was opened, out jumped the man’s pet chihuahua, who was immediately quarantined.

We know how hard it is to leave pets behind, but rather leave them at home with a dog sitter if you really can’t take them with you. Running the risk of the sitter throwing a raucous house-party is better than endangering your four-legged friend.

  1. (Practically) A zoo
    We’ve saved the best and most brazen attempt for last. A certain Robert Cusack really puts all animal smugglers to (even more) shame, after he was arrested in 2002 in Los Angeles after a flight from Thailand. Custom agents knew something was up when a bird of paradise flew out of Cusack’s luggage, but sources say they were completely unprepared for what else they discovered. Along with three more birds in his bags, officials found two pygmy slow lorises (monkeys) in his underwear and 50 rare orchids in his suitcase. His accomplice and friend Chris Edward Mulloy, was also found attempting to smuggle two Asian leopard cat cubs in his luggage. Cusack confessed to authorities that the animals had originated in Indonesia and he was taking them to a refuge in Costa Rica. He was sent to prison for only 57 days, much to the dismay of numerous animal rights organisations. The rescued animals were sent to nearby animal sanctuaries and zoos.

What is CDW and LDW Insurance

This is consider to be an important topic we would like to talk about. When you purchased or had rented some of vehicle from any car rental company. You will notice about these CDW and LDW. Here I would like to explain to what is LDW and CDW ?

LDW or Loss Damage Waiver and CDW is Collision Damage Waiver insurance!. LDW and CDW is an insurance included in all international car rental brands like Budget, Avis , Hertz, National and other inter brands. These LDW and CDW are coverage in the Car Rental prices per day. These insurances provide comprehensive coverage to the Renter for their rented vehicle damage, as well as Liability protections against the third party injury and death , also vehicle and property damage.

For the liability of bodily injury or death of any third person, including passengers which are caused by an accidents, coverage to amount of (depend on the different Car rental companies) per person or no exceeding to some amount per an accident depend on term and condition of Car Rental companies. All the claims shall be determined by the courts in different country depend on which location or countries you using Car Rentals.

LDW and CDW of each Car Rental company have different term. Some Car Rental company offers LDW or CDW coverage limit Renter responsibility to a maximum of 250$ in the event of loss or damage to the rented vehicle which the recovery can not be made from third party.

In some of the locations or countries LDW or CDW excess might be amount of “0” Therefore every time you sign an agreement read carefully, ask if you do not understand the term or any question inquiry to you.

How to enhance your photo for canvas

How to enhance your photo for canvas

Are you thinking of having a bespoke canvas print being made up for your home?

After you’ve chosen your likely picture for uploading to our website, you may be perhaps a little dissapointed with your own photo – and wish for something to ‘zing’ it up a little!

Unlike other canvas printing stores, we take great pride at Brilliant Canvas in helping out our customers by achieving the perfect photograph for you. How does this work?

At checkout, you can specify from a wide range of effects or enhancements to your print. To find out more about the services we offer, check out our Canvas Printing Services page.

What kind of effects and enhancements do we offer?

Well, in overview –

Pop Art Effect –
Always loved that Andy Warhol look? Fancy creating a unique canvas of perhaps your own family in the same style? Our experts can transform your photograph to replicate the Andy Warhol pop art style. Really makes an impact in a series of bright colours!

Colour change edits –
We can easily make a sepia, black and white or even a hand tinted canvas print from your photo. Opting for the hand tinted option allows you to discuss with our team exactly how you’d like it tinted. As a great example, a photo of your wedding day made black and white, with perhaps the cravates and bridesmaid’s dresses left in full colour! The options are endless.

Old photo clean up –
If you have an old photo scanned in that is showing signs of wear, creases and tears – depending on the subject matter, Brilliant Canvas could improve the photo and ‘repair’ the marks on the photo giving it a whole new lease of life.

Photo optimisation –
Perhaps the photo you have is already great, and you just need a little sparkle bringing to it with the colours. We can increase brightness levels and colour depth for you, for example making a slightly dull day look a bright day! Or maybe there’s a lovely photo of the kids you’d like to use for your canvas print – apart from the chocolate stain down one of their tshirts! No problem for our team, we can erase out the mess to create the perfect portrait for your wall.

Remember – all the above are not ‘automated’ processes – the Brilliant Canvas team work on your photo by hand, and discuss with you exactly how you’d like your print to look.

We believe this is what makes us different, and why having a canvas printed from your photo with us is the best decision you can make!


Noise in digital photos

Hello and welcome to Brilliantcanvas helpful tips and hints on getting the best image on to canvas.

There is so much the photographer and we can do as printers to make sure you get the perfect image on to canvas. In this article we look at ways you can reduce the problem called ‘noise’ to improve the photo at origin and what services we offer as printers to optimise the quality of your finished canvas print.

At one time or another, you’ll probably hear people talk about “noise” in digital photos. Nope, this doesn’t involve screaming children; it actually involves tiny specks of random colour that show up in a photo. It’s basically the digital equivalent of film grain.

Lets first look at what you can do –

These tips are dependent on the amount of adjustments you camera allows. Please refer to your instruction manual for how or if you can make these changes:

  • Digital Zoom – This is probably the most common cause of noise on photos – it can add extra “noise” to your photos. This is because the digital zoom creates pixels where none exist. If possible switch the digital zoom off to remove all temptation of using it.
  • Shoot at the lowest possible ISO – Your ISO setting controls how sensitive your CCD or CMOS sensor is to light (digital film speed). The higher the number, the more sensitive it is and the less light you need to get a photo.
  • However, the higher you set your ISO, the more noise you pick up. So, always shoot with the lowest setting possible. If your camera has an “auto ISO” feature, use it – this will keep the ISO as low as possible. As the light gets brighter or darker, it adjusts your ISO automatically.
  • Shoot at higher shutter speeds – If you stick your camera on a tripod and try some long exposures, you’ll probably notice a nasty increase in noise – especially if you’re shooting at a higher ISO
  • Except cameras have limitations – We all like to think in the digital age our gadgets can cope with anything. Sadly this isn’t true. If we are in a situation such as a show and can’t use flash the camera will try to compensate for this by adding pixels and colour where it believes they should be. Unfortunately most cameras don’t do this well and you end up with a very noisy image.

Now let’s look at what we can do –

Don’t worry if you have a noisy picture, not all is lost. We use the latest image enhancement software available and in situations like this we will always send you a sample of the improved image before printing it on to canvas. We take your photo and enlarge it and see where the noise is and then use our software to minimise a great deal of the noise, improving the photo quality.


Top Tips – Better photos for canvas prints

Top Tips – Better photos for canvas prints

  • Fed up with blurred holiday photos?
  • Not capturing those magic moments?
  • Want people to be impressed with your photos?
  • Wasting time deleting rubbish photos off your camera?

Here are some answer for you to discover –

At Brilliant Canvas we see a lot of different photos come through each day for our bespoke canvas prints, some good and some bad.

As a company that prides itself on producing excellent quality canvas prints, we do all we can to improve the quality.

However, there is nothing better than starting off with a great photo. A great original image always equals a better canvas print at the end.

“Do I need to buy expensive camera equipment to take a good photo?” Not at all! You can spend a fortune on camera equipment but if you don’t follow some basics steps the end result will still be rubbish!

To help were our next few series of articles will focus on tips to taking better photos. Using just a few of these will help you to take better photos. Mastering all will result in truly outstanding results!

Here are the 1st Three tips in the series:

  • Hold the camera steady. If I had a penny for every time I’ve seen someone holding a camera one handed, I’d be very rich. Hold the camera firmly in both hands with the base resting in the palms and tuck your elbows in. This will help reduce camera shake and create much sharper images.
  • Turn Off the Digital Zoom. This is especially important if you’re looking to print the image on to canvas at a later date. The digital zoom is generally nothing more than the computer inside your camera magnifying your image by throwing pixels in where it believes is best. Digital Zoom results in noise in the photo and a big reduction in quality. You can turn this off on most cameras (refer to your camera manual for more details). Better option is to move yourself closer or when ordering your canvas at Brilliant Canvas just add into the comments which part of the photo you would like enlarging and we’ll use our specialist software to help.
  • Obey the Rule of Thirds. One of the 1st things a budding photographer will learn about is the rule of thirds and the benefit it has on photos. The basic rule is to image dividing your image down into thirds (both vertically and horizontally) so you have 9 squares. The idea is you place subjects of interest at the interesections.


How to choose the right canvas printing company

There’s lots of places to get a canvas print – how do I know the company will be reputable?

We know how important it is to choose the right shop for your personalised canvas art prints, and here at Brilliant Canvas we strive to be your company of choice.

We are a family-run company that has been turning photographs into canvas wall art since 1989, and have recently expanded our services online to better reach a more geographically diverse clientele seeking personalised canvas prints from photos. We have decades of experience in creating canvas wall art from either old prints or digital photographs, and we look forward to making your prints into a brilliant centrepiece for any room.

When deciding on a canvas printing shop to help you transform your photos into works of art, you will likely be looking for a company that demonstrates both the technical expertise and customer service skills required to produce a final product that you will cherish. Your canvas art print will be decorating your walls for years to come, and purchasing a poorly produced or overpriced piece of canvas wall art will certainly detract from the enjoyment that should be derived from decorating your surroundings with your personalised works of art.

In evaluating a company to serve your canvas art printing needs, the quality is of the utmost importance. We only use materials of the best quality to ensure that your canvas print not only looks its best fresh out of the box, but will continue to look its best in years to come. We only use inks of the best quality to prevent fading over the years, as well as heavy duty canvas (minimum 340gsm weight) and solid wooden frames made of pine to achieve a well-crafted and lasting display for your photos on canvas.

Aside from quality, we also understand that choosing a company that can offer a reasonable price is a practical necessity. Regardless of how much money you are looking to spend, we are able to work with you to customise your piece in order to meet your needs. Your canvas wall print need not be custom only in its design, but also in its dimensions. Whether you are looking to fill a massive wall or only a small corner, we offer bespoke sizes at no additional cost. Our online tools make it easy to envision your canvas print on your wall. Simply upload the image you wish to print and customise the size of the virtual room for a preview of how your individualised print will look in the context of a room. No matter the size or style of print you choose, we will happily provide you with a preview image and email estimation before commencing work, and aim to process all orders quickly and despatch your canvas print within five working days.

Finally, when ordering a custom product online it is important that you can put your trust in the people behind the company. We are more than just a printing machine, but a family-run company with staff trained to make your canvas art print look its best. For example, we are mindful to maintain maximum image quality by using professional software to carefully enlarge your original images. We also offer restoration services to give new life to your old, damaged prints.

We will take the time and care to turn your photograph into a brilliant piece of canvas wall art. We truly enjoy turning precious memories into canvas art prints, and look forward to working with you to create something that you are sure to enjoy for years to come.


There will be a limit for subsidized tickets to the Canary Islands

The battle for the subsidy of the plane tickets that connect the peninsula with the Canary Islands continues at its peak. Now, the Spanish Ministry of Public Works has decided that it will place a maximum limit on the amount of the fares that have a subsidy to make that trip.

With this decision what the government tries to alleviate is the certain abuse on the part of some airline companies to charge the Canary traveler who wants to move to the peninsula exorbitant prices , knowing that it is the government that subsidizes the operation.

But, yes, from the Spanish executive has been assured that the subsidy will remain unchanged, with a 50 percent subsidy for all those who will travel from the Canary Islands to the peninsula and are natives of the island.

The idea is to stop paying those bills that are around 600 euros when, in reality, the average price of that ticket should be between 120 and 70 euros.

Thus, it is intended to limit the tariffs to be subsidized , choosing a lower price range that prevents the government from paying or subsidizing bills that have an exorbitant price compared to the usual rates of those same companies.

In addition, to achieve greater control of this type of subsidies, the government intends to regulate a new way of knowing who is resident in the Canary Islands and who fails to ensure that the cheapest flight reservations go to those who are residents of the Canary Islands. island.


The Top Ten Dazzling Infinity Pools In The World

Nothing shouts luxury like an infinity pool, and you haven’t seen an infinity pool until you’ve experienced one of these new Top 10 Infinity pools in the world.  Let’s be honest – we all want to experience one of these amazing places from the cool waters of a large-scale pool with a large-scale cocktail in hand.

Alila Ubud Hotel

Bali, Indonesia

This pool is majestically sowed into balmy scenery, giving it a natural feel. Alila Ubud Hotel’s impression of dipping itself into a welcoming sea of forestry makes this pool a sublime experience. The design is elegant and the service is fit for royalty. You can indulge yourself in this picturesque location either inside or beside the pool on the deck chair with a dirty martini – the only unclean thing you’ll find around.

Anantara Golden Triangle Resort

Chiang Rai, Thailand

While we might not have ever seen and experienced a magic-wand effect, it’s fair to say Anantara Golden Triangle Resort is pretty close to magical. Their infinity pool almost begs for your utmost appreciation. After swimming butterfly from one end to another (taking your time of course), take a glimpse at the meandering Mekong River as the mountain breeze massages your face. If you’d rather just appreciate the gleaming pool from afar, you can simply dip into the adjacent jacuzzi and have the hills of Myanmar and Loas as company.

Hotel Chocolat

Soufriere, St. Lucia

This guest-only infinity pool has joined the ranks of the best infinity pools in the world primarily for its style. This pool is 50 feet long and is framed with black quartz tiles, accompanied by lounge chairs and the unmistakable twin Pitons as a backdrop. The natural beauty of Soufriere’s rain-forest and hills complement the Hotel Chocolat’s style, luxury, design and beauty which is echoed over 1000 square feet of cottages and villas. Hotel Chocolat is a worthwhile experience at an average of $280 per night for cottages, $320 per night for a Piton view and $600 per night for villas further north – sometimes the best things in life are not so free after all.

Amangiri Resort

Utah, USA

The “peaceful mountain” is home to a serene powder blue pool which is surrounded by a golden glow in the evening. The U-shaped pool is the centrepiece of the sandstone resort and blends masterfully with the rocky surroundings. Amangiri Resort stands sturdily with an architectural design that looks like it was conceived by the surrounding rocks. The 34 suites together with the Aman spa will soon be joined by an additional 28 villas. Amangiri is a place of romance, where couples can enjoy their privacy, and peaceful relaxation – so please leave the kids with mum.

Park Hyatt

Tokyo, Japan

With the Japanese Government taking extreme measures to increase their tourism sector, this pool forced its way into this top ten list – with little resistance to be honest. Where do we begin? Well the 46 floors below the pool area in the Shinjuku Park Tower create a montage of unrivaled experience. This indoor pool is lit in a poetic fashion, with the light dancing off the water. The view of Tokyo from the pool is stunning – and that’s not the only adjective reserved for it. The pool stands at 60 feet, surrounded by deck chairs which are accompanied with a pool side drink menu, and the service is second to none.

Golden Nugget Hotel

Las Vegas, USA

The “Hideout” is by far one of the most captivating of the pools. If Las Vegas is the capital of luck (good and bad), then the Golden Nugget’s pool is a guarantee of all that is good about swimming. You can take a gamble, watch the sharks swim past you as you enjoy a drink from the H2O Bar or a dip in the jacuzzi. The pool is not short of the glitz-and-glam of Vegas, it’s a heated outdoor pool surrounded by an incredible design and luxurious style. The Golden Nugget Hotel also boasts a three story water slide and fifteen private cabanas.

Hotel Caruso

Ravelleo, Italy

“Romanticismo, di bellezza e di acqua” (Romance, beauty and water): this particular pool radiates romance, luxury and sophistication. The alley-way towards it is covered with roses and the pool itself is a remarkable. With the Amalfi coast almost at a touching distance, the swimming experience in this heated pool is great. It is recommended that you first try the pool before the pizza or pasta from the pool restaurant because you might get too comfortable chatting to the friendly and informative staff.

Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc

Cap d’Antibes, France

A pool fit for royalty. The playground of celebrities and VIPs. Southern France’s Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc is the base for the aristocracy. The pool area is marvelous. Dug from a rock, the seawater swimming pool is heated and gently touches the Mediterranean Sea. The pool area is renowned for its guest lists which draw celebrities from all around the world. Nothing is cheap here. The rates start at about $880 and go up around $6880 per night. At 7pm, you’ll have to step out of the pool though; irony is that although this pool looks astounding at night, it is never starved of its beauty sleep (unless it’s a private party of course).

Le Meridien Bora

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

With two infinity pools, Le Meridien Bora just couldn’t be left off this list. Together, at more than 2,000 sq-feet, these pools, along with the jacuzzi, waterfall and deck area, overlook Otemanu Mountain, a sight worth more words than this post can afford. The buffet restaurant Le Tipanie and the la carte restaurant Le Tiare are just another few reasons to visit this hotel. The lagoon has more than 100 species, including the endangered Hawksbill turtle.

Marina Bay Sands


As the lion is king of the jungle, so is Marina Bay Sands’ infinity pool amongst other infinity pools. The best by a hefty margin, its sheer size, height and bravado looks down on Singapore’s glittering beauty. Its unique structural design is the brain-child of visionary architect Moshe Safdie. At 55 storeys stretching towards the sky and at 150m long, Marina Bay Sands stopped competing when the £4bn resort overtook the Emirate Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi as the most expensive hotel in the world. Marina Bay Sands has 2560 rooms starting from £350 a night. The pool is accessible to all guests.


Creative Photos Engagement Photographers paris

1) Preview the pair
No, I do not mean to screen actually the couple before you decide to work with them. (Although in some cases, this could actually be a good idea.) Know Anyway, whoever. These people in advance Meet up with them. Over coffee, lunch, or just a little while chatting on phone The best way for you to get the engagement photos that this couple wants is to find out what it is that they really want. They get together a feel for their personality and their chemistry.

2) Keep connected
This commitment peak picture basically speaks for itself – keep the couple together. Sure, they are a bit nervous (especially if they are not super comfortable with you just yet), but do your best to keep them in another. This leads me to my next pointer …

3) PDA is okay (and necessary!)
Since an engagement photo session is completely different from a normal head shot, model, or family photo shoot, you have to remember that the overarching theme for these pictures will be love. Make yourself comfortable and the couple know that they kiss, hug, hold hands, playing, being silly, and his sentimental mushy gushy all they want! It makes the images more personal and personable!

4) As always … “Burst Mode!”
This seems to be a recurring theme in my article … definitely a point to use “burst” mode, while Photography engagements. The couple will be nervous, so after they (think they look natural!) Their first and stiff posing for the camera doing, they will loosen up, smile, laugh, look at each other … for these are the moments that you want to catch more than anything else.

5) The situation is lucrative
If you have been doing photography, engagement photography, especially, for a while, you can get some great places around your city to photograph the engagement. Prepare yourself with a list of places and places of interest in advance that you can hit for the pair. You probably open and willing to respect anything you have to say! Couples often also travel to other cities for their commitment images, so make sure you have followed some hotpots that will be aesthetically pleasing.


Mark Antman – Inspiring People to Take Exquisite Photos

A picture says more than a hundred words and snapping that perfect shot is both art and magic. The feel of a photographer is something learnt in time which comes from the inner sensitive part. The reality is that people like Mark Antman bring this whole idea of exquisite photos to a whole new level. Everyone knows him as he works in New York City as a photojournalist. He owns The Image Works photo studio and he is totally passionate to create photographic art.


The thing that he loves most is working with a multitude of companies who love his art and want to buy it for public display. It is likely that you will find his work in a company’s lobby or in a variety of editorials. He is not pleased to remain at the same level and encourages people to apply his tactics. As a photographer, Antman believes that the key to success is to learn new trends and tricks and master the art to perfection. This can only be done by getting in contact with a variety of people and situations. He loves to travel a lot and turns these trips into opportunities of meeting new people and getting inspired by various locations. After these journeys, he comes home with a multitude of photos from the lives of so many people.


Mark Antman started his career timidly, but in time he opened a successful studio together with Alan Carey. Earning money from photography is not that easy. It is not enough to be talented, but you also need the right equipment. Investing in cameras and gadgets implies a lot of money, but this is the only way in which you can do art. Antman tells people not to be cheap when they buy a camera. Choosing the right one will save them money in the future, especially if they consider earning their living through photography.


The art of taking pictures is a demanding task which needs to be mastered really well. In these days, everyone has a small camera and many people believe that they are photographers. But a real professional is a master of his art. He has sophisticated equipment and processing software and does not treat photography merely as a hobby. For him, this is his way of living and the thing he wakes up in the morning, knowing that he has to give his best.