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Photography Workshops and Tours Eastern Everglades photography workshop
Snail Kite - Eastern Everglades
This workshop has been completed.

The Everglades system is unique, not just in Florida, not just in North America, but it is unique, in that there is not another ecosystem like it in the world. So unique and important is the Everglades that it has been designated an International Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site and a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance.

Come explore, learn and photograph this one of a kind ecosystem with a Florida native, Photographer and Florida FW Master Naturalist, James Shadle.

The Eastern Everglades Photography Workshop/Tour will cover the SE and SW area of this system.

Learn how the “River of Grass”, the Big Cypress Swamp, Fakahatchee Strand and Florida Bay, each a system unto themselves, act as a single impressive ecosystem.

We will visit Anhinga Trail, Pahayokee Overlook, Mahogany Hammock, Mrazik Pond, West Lake, Eco Pond, Flamingo, Pine-Glades Lake and all points of interest in between.

Some of the photographic opportunities will include, but not limited to:

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron Black Vulture
American Alligator Anhinga
White Morph Great Blue Heron
Little Blue Heron
Snowy Egret
Tri-Colored Heron
Snail Kite
Swallow Tail Kite
Red Shouldered Hawk
Red Tailed Hawk
Purple Gallinule
Wood Storks
Black and Yellow Crown Night Herons
Moor Hens
American Alligators
American Crocodile
Brown Water Snakes
Marsh Rabbits
Anhinga (nesting)
Little Green Heron
Belted King Fisher
Song Birds of many varieties
Great Egrets
Black and Turkey Vulture
Marl Prairies
Cypress Dome
Dwarf Cypress
Black,White and Red Mangroves
Mangrove Crabs
Mahogany Trees
American Bittern
Pond Apples
Sunrises and Sunsets
Wild Hogs
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