Photos of the Couple Create a Personal Feel

Most wedding stationery printers will give you a choice of how your design is printed. Color or black and white printing is usually available, and some will give you the choice of sepia. To personalize your wedding invitations further you can sometimes choose the type of board the wedding card is printed. This could be a white, ivory or pearlised card to choose from.

If you want to create a sophisticated feel to your wedding invitations I recommend choosing monochrome printing on a white board. For a relaxed atmosphere to your wedding stationery choose color printing. Cream board adds warmth to a design. Some cards can also be personalized with the names of the bride and groom and / or the date of the wedding. To add a little sparkle to your wedding, the name and date are printed in foil.

If you have photos to the printers there are several things you need to consider. The first is the kind of photos that you choose, you might want a photo of you relaxed and comfortable or perhaps a formal launch. Some wedding photographers a pre-wedding shoot (sometimes called an engagement shoot), you might want to use one of the photos from your photographer to give a professional look to your wedding invitations. Alternatively, you might want to print some other work of art like a cartoon or a picture of your church or wedding receptions. Remember, if you get someone else’s photo, for example, a photo of your wedding party of the brochure, the permission to use it.

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