The Top 5 Most Brazen Airport Smuggling Attempts

We’ve all been there: that moment when you realise that souvenir you just bought might not be allowed past airport security. It’s usually something small, nothing that could get you arrested. However, there are a few very brazen travellers making their way across borders, and with them come all kinds of extra unusual (and very […]

There will be a limit for subsidized tickets to the Canary Islands

The battle for the subsidy of the plane tickets that connect the peninsula with the Canary Islands continues at its peak. Now, the Spanish Ministry of Public Works has decided that it will place a maximum limit on the amount of the fares that have a subsidy to make that trip. With this decision what the government tries to alleviate is the certain abuse on the […]

Mark Antman – Inspiring People to Take Exquisite Photos

A picture says more than a hundred words and snapping that perfect shot is both art and magic. The feel of a photographer is something learnt in time which comes from the inner sensitive part. The reality is that people like Mark Antman bring this whole idea of exquisite photos to a whole new level. Everyone knows […]